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Broadband Healthcheck

If you've got a problem with your broadband and you reported it as a fault it to your broadband supplier, at some point you will be asked if you've checked your premises equipment.

The upshot of this is that you will be asked to confirm that your premises equipment is working fine. If you say yes, to your broadband supplier and they call out BT Openreach on your behalf, and it's found not to be their fault, you could face a callout charge which is currently in the region of £120!

Peace of mind

If your not absolutely certain where the problem could be, why not ask Village Internet to carry out a healthcheck and confirm that your premises equipment is unlikely to be the cause of the problem.

Village Internet does this by installing a complete home setup including a replacement router, microfilter and all cables. These will be connected to your master socket with any faceplate removed, which normally marks the boundary limit from BT Openreach are responsible for maintaining.

If we then find that the problem is with your premises equipment, we should be able to isolate and replace the faulty equipment, and of course you will avoid that rather hefty charge.

The Cost?

For callouts in and around the Swindon and Cirencester areas, we only charge £30

This includes our call-out and covers an hour's time on site. Parts are extra if we find a problem with your premises equipment and we're able to perform a repair whilst we're on-site. We can also talk directly to your broadband supplier on your behalf about the fault, but would need you to authorise that with them first. For security reasons we will be unable to speak to your broadband supplier about the fault, other than from your home phone.