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These are just a sample of our prices. Sometimes tasks can take longer and use more of our resources depending on the complexity of your own particular network, and the mix of devices you use to access the Internet. In other words everyone's needs are different.

However, we understand you need a degree of certainty over how much something costs, and we hope these examples of our service prices will help.

PC Speed Up - £42

When your PC or laptop is running slow, it can be a really frustrating experience! And one thing is for certain - the situation will not improve by itself.

Our service will get your PC running almost as fast as it was when you first bought it. In fact if it came with lots of unwanted add-ons (bloatware) it could even be faster when we've comleted the work.

Just like a car needs a service, so does your PC. And we know that you just want to turn on the PC and have it working just fine - otherwise we know how stressful this can be. We know that many of you give up the ghost and buy an expensive new computer, when in fact your old one will be just as good when we've finished - and it will have cost less! Smile

*** This price also includes malware removal although the removal of trickier and more destructive viruses could cost more.

Wireless Extensions - from £85

Use this service when you want to get wireless coverage to another part of your property. In most cases we can do this by using your mains electric circuit to carry your Internet data, and then installing a second wireless router in the area which is currently having reception problems.

This price includes the cost of all parts, fully fitted and tested.

Additional points can be added to provide coverage for larger or mode demanding requirements.

Broadband Checkup - £30

Having broadband problems? No doubt you've contacted your broadband supplier and they've left you confused and bewildered - and still not working? And as a parting shot they've probably told you that they can call out BT or whoever on your behalf, but you will charged somewhere in the region of £120 if the problem is found to be with your premises equipment.

This is the point where we can help to put your mind and rest, and possibly save you lots of money if you genuinely have a problem with your own equipment. 

Our service involves coming out to your premises, replacing your router, ADSL cable and isolating all of your premises equipment. This will ensure that as far as is practicable we can establish the where the problem is likely to be. This will then allow you to get the problem moved forward and fixed as quickly as possible.

Refurbished PCs with Windows 7 - from £65

Village Internet is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. This means we can take older-generation PCs or laptops running Windows XP or Vista, and install a newer version such as Windows 7.

When combined with either hardware or memory upgrades, we can then provide highly-affordable, Internet-ready computers that will give many more years service, instead of them being unnecessarily discarded.

Many of you will have found out that if you try and buy a new PC on the High Street, you will have no option but to get one that has Windows 8 installed. And we suspect we know what you think of that!

So its a win-win situation when you buy a refurbished PC from Village Internet. You not only get a system a good specification and the highly popular Windows 7 installed, but you also save yourself a shed load of money at the same time!


All prices include VAT @20% and a full refund is guaranteed if you are not 100% satisfied with our service for any reason.